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Tacodeli Rewards


Everything you need to know about our loyalty program:

  • Earn 10 points for every dollar you spend
  • Choose how you redeem your points – cash in 500 points for a $2 reward or save up 1,250 points for a $5 reward
  • Earn a special reward on your birthday
  • Keep an eye out for exclusive offers and rewards
  • Easily check your rewards progress
  • Redeem rewards online or via our app



Sync Your Payment Card: 

When you sign up for Tacodeli rewards, you will be asked to sync your credit or debit card to your account. This will ensure that all your purchases made with your payment card automatically earn rewards. You can register as many payment cards to your account as you would like. 

Ordering Ahead: 

All orders placed via our app will automatically earn rewards. The same is true for all online orders placed via order.tacodeli.com – just make sure you are logged into your account!  

In-Store Orders:

Once your payment card is registered, you will automatically earn points for any in-store purchases made with that card. Forgot to use your registered payment card or paid with cash? You can also earn rewards for in-store purchases by uploading a picture of your receipt on our app. 


Online + In-App ONLY 

During checkout, all available rewards will appear with the option to apply them to the order. One reward may be applied per purchase. 

Currently, we only offer rewards redemption for orders placed online or through our app. We are working to provide in-store redemption in the future.    


What will happen to my Tacodeli VIP card? 

  • Your VIP card was automatically transitioned into a non-reloadable gift card with your rewards credit as the card balance. You no longer need your VIP card to participate in our new rewards program.  
  • The VIP gift card can be used at all locations excluding Austin Airport and Farmers Markets. Rewards points cannot be earned on purchases that use a gift card as the payment method. Unused rewards expire after one year. 
  • Need to check your VIP Card balance? You can do so here.
  • Lost your VIP Card?
    • If you have your account number you can use it as a gift card at the register, just show your account number to our team.

Do I have to download the app to participate? 

  • No, you can sign up via SMS by texting “tacodeli” to 43618. You can also sign up here.
  • However, we recommend using the app for the best user experience. You can check your rewards progress, review past purchases, refer a friend to earn points, or upload receipts for any orders that were missed.  

I’m concerned about linking my card to the loyalty app. Is my information safe? 

  • We completely understand any concerns you may have. We take our customers’ safety seriously. We do not store credit or debit card information anywhere in our system. When you add a card to your account, your card information is sent directly to your credit card provider (Visa, Amex, or Mastercard). That notifies your card provider that you have enrolled in our program and allows us to automatically detect your purchases at Tacodeli without ever seeing or storing your information. This way you can automatically earn rewards for any Tacodeli purchases.  

I don’t want to register my payment card to my account. Can I still earn rewards? 

  • Yes. You can manually upload a photo of your receipts on our app to earn points for your purchase.  

I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t download the app. Can I still join the rewards program? 

  • Yes! You can create a rewards account at order.tacodeli.com. When you place an order online, you will automatically collect points and redeem your rewards if you are logged into your account.  
  • You can also join the program and manage your account via SMS. Just text “tacodeli” to 43618 

I have the app, how do I register my payment card to my account? 

  • If you need to register your payment card to your account, open the Tacodeli app. Click the three lines on the top left-hand side, and select “registered cards.” 

Do my points or rewards expire? 

  • Points will expire after 6 months if not redeemed for a $2 or $5 reward. Other special rewards may have different expiration dates, please refer to the fine print at the bottom of rewards for specific usage terms.  

Can I earn points or redeem rewards on my orders through Favor, Doordash, or UberEats? 

  • No, you can only earn points on orders that are placed through Tacodeli directly (our app, website, or in-restaurant), and you can only redeem rewards on orders that are placed through our app or website. 

Are gift cards eligible for rewards? 

  • You can earn points for the purchase of a gift card at our restaurants. The purchase of digital gift cards does not qualify for rewards.  
  • You will not earn points on a purchase that is paid for with a gift card.  
  • If you split the cost of your order with a gift card, you will only earn points based on the amount charged to your payment card. You will not earn points for the portion of your check that the gift card covers.  

Are catering orders eligible for rewards? 

  • Yes, you may earn up to two $5 rewards per catering order.  

Can I get points for my past purchases? 

  • Yes, you can earn points for purchases made within the last two weeks. Just upload a photo of your receipt through the Tacodeli app.  

Are there any other purchases that I can NOT earn points for? 

  • Our pre-packaged products sold in retail stores, wholesale orders, special presale orders, and purchases made at the Austin Airport, Q2 Stadium, Farmers Markets, or ACL Live are NOT eligible for rewards points.  

If I use a reward on a purchase that is refunded, will I get my reward back? 

  • Yes! If you have linked a payment card to your account, your reward will be added back to the app automatically after your refund is processed. If you do not have a card linked to your account, please email tacodeli@thanx.com with your refund receipt to get your reward back.  

Still have questions? Contact tacodeli@thanx.com for more information  

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