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Limited Time Carne Asada

We're bringing back one of your favorites with a little twist. Grilled Black Angus Beef Coulotte steak from 44 Farms in Cameron TX, topped with fresh diced cilantro, onion, and avocado and served with a slice of lime on the side. Our Coulotte steak is marinated with paprika, kosher salt, and local olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch. A nice lean and tender cut, the Coulotte steak gives a great flavor and texture when grilled up on our plancha. With a pinch of the lime on top of this taco, it elevates the flavor with a nice brightness and acidity to go with subtle salt and chile rub flavor of the paprika.

Our Story

Tacodeli opened in Austin in 1999, but our story began long before in Mexico City. That’s where our founder Roberto grew up and first fell in love with the magical flavors of the taqueria. Years later, his childhood memories mixed with Austin’s friendly vibes to inspire Tacodeli’s food and the way we share it. The result is a big, ambitious menu, prepared by hand every day. A healthy obsession with both the quality of our ingredients and the quality of our lives. And a merging of flavors from both sides of our heritage to create something all its own. We extend a warm welcome to anyone who’s hungry for something different. Bienvenidos, y'all.

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