Farms & Ranches

We are strong believers in local and sustainable sourcing; we use local and regional farms whenever possible and source primarily Certified Organic or All Natural products.

We source our food from the following farms & ranches:

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  • Buena Tierra, Fredonia: melons, chile peppers
  • Burgundy Pastures, Grandview: pork belly, pork butt
  • Cooper Orchards, Fairfield: tomatoes
  • Fikes Family Farms, Stonewall: jalapenos, squash, tomatoes
  • Hairston Creek Farms, Burnet: carrots, radish
  • Heartbrand Ranch, Harwood: Akaushi Beef
  • Itz Garden, Fredericksburg: jalapenos, tomatoes
  • J & D Farms, Hondo: corn
  • Jenschke Farms, Fredericksburg: tomatoes
  • Thomas Kindle, Grand Saline: sweet potatoes
  • Kitchen Pride, Gonzales: mushrooms
  • Lightsey Farms, Mexia: squash, peppers, carrots, cilantro
  • Costanzo Farms, Lytle: cilantro
  • Josh Ruiz, Alamo: habaneros, tomatoes
  • Oak Hill Farms, Poteet: spinach, tomatoes, fruit
  • Pedernales Valley Farms, Fredericksburg: jalapenos, chile peppers, squash, tomatoes
  • The Farm Patch, Pleasanton: romaine lettuce
  • Twin County Dorpers, Harper: lamb
  • Two Happy Children, Taylor: watermelon
  • Verstuyft Farm, Lytle: cabbage, radish
  • Village Farms, Marfa: tomatoes