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How Free Tacos Can Change the Way We Drive in Austin
Culture Map – 3.24.2016

“As a small business in Austin, it is important for us to work with community advocates to better serve the customers that walk through our door,” says Fred Ramirez, director of out-of-restaurant sales at Tacodeli. “Our partnership with Metropia gives us a unique way to support Austin’s infrastructure and have a significant impact on the lives of our patrons. Who wouldn’t want a less stressful commute?”

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Camille Blog

Austin Restaurant Guide
Camille Styles Blog – 3.14.2016

“Picking a favorite taqueria borders along impossible, but a trip to this taco-fiending town wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Tacodeli.  There’s no such thing as a bad order there, but I absolutely love the Mojo Fish Taco, The Papdulce and the Space Cowboy.”

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Party Like It’s 9AM: 12 Ways to Have Breakfast All Day During SXSW
Austin Chronicle – 3.11.2016

“The Vaquero taco with eggs, roasted peppers, and crunchy grilled corn is a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any choice paired with Tacodeli’s award-winning salsa doña.”

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Try These 6 Quesos to Become a Real Austinite
Austinot – 2.26.2016

Another local taco powerhouse with five locations in Austin and one in Dallas, Tacodeli has probably the most straightforward queso of the bunch. It’s light, creamy and on the runny side.  And that’s it. No muss, fuss or spice.  But with their award-winning spicy salsas as a counterpart, you can’t blame Tacodeli for keeping their queso mild. I really appreciate the simplicity because it complements any item on the menu.

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10 Outstanding Breakfast Burriots And Tacos in Dallas
Eater – 2.19.2016

“This Austin import is famous for its breakfast tacos, and you can stuff your tortilla with all the ingredients your heart desires (well, at least four of them) for less than $3. If you’re feeling indecisive and want something healthy, go with the El Popeye, eggs scrambled with spinach and queso fresco.”

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Dallas’ 11 Best Breakfasts Under $10
Eater – 2.18.2016

“This Austin import offers a build-your-own breakfast taco option where less than $3 can get you up to four ingredients. Weekend warriors will also be happy to note that breakfast lasts all day on Saturday and Sunday.”

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Vital Breakfast Spots to Know in Austin
Eater – 2.16.2016

“Tacodeli serves up some of the best new school breakfast tacos in town, and its ingredients are always thoughtfully sourced.”

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36 Hours in Austin: A Classic Take
Huffington Post – 2.10.2016

“We know you just got here, but our time with you is limited, so we need you to have breakfast tacos right away. They are a staple of Austin culture, but more importantly, they are delicious. Breakfast tacos are self-explanatory: everything you could want in a breakfast, wrapped in a taco. Taco Deli has some of the best, and lots of businesses around town carry them in the morning (including Coffee Bean, win win if you love coffee as much as me).”

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The Best Breakfasts in Dallas
Dallas Magazine – 1.25.2016

“When Austin-based chain Tacodeli announced that its first location outside of the capital city would be in Dallas, co-owners Roberto Espinosa and Eric Wilkerson and executive chef Joel Fried knew that, as strong as their following is, they would have to strive to be local. Dallas’ Tacodeli uses thin, Sonoran-style flour tortillas from Oak Cliff’s La Norteña Tortilleria.”

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The Top 10 Best Tex-Mex Restaurants in Austin
Culture Trip – 1.21.2016

“One word to describe Tacodeli? Delectable. Everyone who has moved to Austin knows about this restaurant and their high quality ingredients. Not only does this place provide amazing and flavorful tacos, but also they have some amazing original sides. Try the Mexican Papas, which are essentially mashed potatoes with Mexican seasoning. Patrons love these potatoes because you lump will be find when savoring. These papas even go well inside your breakfast taco with some fluffy eggs. Don’t forget about their specialty sauces!”

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Top Quality Fast Food Spots in Austin
Eater – 1.20.2016

“This growing local taco chain prides itself on sourcing local, organic ingredients when possible, and has several vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free items.”

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The 9 Best New Brunches in Dallas
Zagat – 1.14.2016

“This Austin taco import is only open for breakfast and lunch, but weekends become a festive affair (mainly because it’s BYOB, and you can save cash on bubbly). Better still, their breakfast tacos are available all day on Saturday and Sunday.
Must-order: Follow your heart and create a masterpiece of your choosing from a selection of 20 different ingredients.”

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Where to Eat in Dallas: 10 in-demand New Restaurants
Culture Map – 1.11.2016

“Things always taste better when they’re from Austin, don’t you agree? Dallas does agree, and the latest import is this popular taco spot, which made its local debut at Sylvan Thirty.”

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The 38 Essential Austin Restaurants, Winter 2016
Eater – 1.5.2016

“High quality ingredients and innovative combinations make for some of the best new-school tacos in town. This beloved taco mini-chain is finally tested the expansion waters, and now operates five locations in Austin. The dona sauce inspires cultish fervor for a reason.”

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10 Essentials Austin Foods Every Visitor Must Try
Zagat – 1.4.2016

“In addition to tons of breakfast taco trailers and restaurants from which to choose, visitors should be sure to stop by Tacodeli at least once for a taste of local favorites like the Jess Special (migas, jack cheese, avocado, pictured below) or El Popeye (scrambled eggs, spinach, quesofresco).”

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Industry Experts Name Austin’s Top Restaurant Standbys of 2015
Eater – 12.28.2015

Jane Ko, editor of A Taste of Koko
Kome, East Side Pies, Hopdoddy, and Tacodeli.

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The 5 Tacos Austin Just Couldn’t Get Enough of in 2015
Culture Map – 12.28.2015

“Coming in at No. 2 is The Otto from Taco Deli. This popular breakfast taco features refried black beans and bacon with an ample amount of avocado and Monterrey Jack cheese.”

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Year in Review: Top 10 Things I Ate in 2015
Where in the World is Nico – 12.20.2015

“My love for tacos is well known, and it wouldn’t it be right if there wasn’t an entry. Delibelly is a Wednesday & Saturday special at Austin’s beloved taco shop and they had me at pork belly.”

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The Top 17 Food Cities of 2015:  No. 9 Dallas
Zagat – 12.15.2015

“In a city known for great Tex-Mex food and a high per-capita roster of steakhouses, Dallas continues to raise the bar for innovative fare well beyond those two genres.

…Plus the Austin invasion continued with notable favorites Uchi (from James Beard Award winner Tyson Cole) and Tacodeli proving that fanatical followings in the state capital can translate well to North Texas. All in all, it was a spectacular year for food enthusiasts in Big D.”

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11 Must Try Soups for Winter in Austin
Zagat – 12.8.15

“You’ll have to wait for the weekend to get Tacodeli’s pozole, which is only available on Saturdays and Sundays. Tender pork shoulder is simmered in a red chile broth with white hominy and farm-fresh tomatoes, then garnished with shredded green cabbage and julienned radishes.”

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The Hottest Restaurants in Dallas Right Now, December 2015
Dallas Eater – 12.7.15

“Gringo tacos can be hit or miss, but Tacodeli is in a category of its own. This Austin-style taco spot might not be an authentic taqueria, but that doesn’t mean they’re not serving up damn fine tortilla-wrapped delicacies.”

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Austin’s Tacodeli brings more veggie-taco options to North Texas
DFW.com – 11.23.15

“At Tacodeli, each vegetarian taco has a different personality. Two rely on mushrooms for a bit of meaty flavor. The Space Cowboy, the veggie version of the chain’s popular sirloin taco, has deep-flavored roasted portobello mushrooms with grilled corn, caramelized onions, guacamole and queso fresco.”

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27 Awesome Breakfast Restaurants in Austin
Austin Eater – 11.23.15

“Tacodeli serves up some of the best new school breakfast tacos in town, and its ingredients are always thoughtfully sourced.”

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The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die
Texas Monthly – 11.20.15

Space Cowboy, Tacodeli
Type: Modern American
Rating: 4.5
Price: $3.75
Tacodeli  jumpstarted the modern taco movement in Austin  in 1999 by playing fast and loose with the Mexican basics; founder Roberto Espinosa, who grew up in Mexico City, knew that Americans liked big, lusty flavors and didn’t care if they were “proper” or not. That pioneering spirit continues today at six tidy locations. Espinosa and business partner Eric Wilkerson keep it classic with simple steak tacos and pork in homemade mole (based on Espinosa’s grandmother’s recipe) yet also offer creative takes like the Space Cowboy, a stuffed conglomeration of roasted portobellos, guacamole, grilled poblanos, and more.”

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The Hottest Restaurants in Dallas Right Now, November 2015
Dallas Eater – 11.5.15

“A little taste of Austin hits Sylvan Thirty with this new taqueria, but indecisive diners beware: There are 40 different taco options to choose from.”

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Go Inside Tacodeli, Sylvan Thirty’s New Breakfast Taco Mecca
Dallas Eater – 10.28.15

“With the priciest taco clocking in at $4.50 and a very welcome BYOB policy, Tacodeli adds another affordable lunch option to Sylvan Thirty — meaning you might as well swing by neighbor Whisk Crepes Cafe afterward for a little dessert.”

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First Look: Tacodeli in West Dallas
ZAGAT – 10.28.2015

“The colorful, counter-service restaurant seats 88 inside and 50 on the large covered patio. Designer Joel Mozersky built on the recent Tacodeli designs in Austin, but included improvements and changes to sync with the vibe of the Sylvan Thirty development and its West Dallas neighborhood.”

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Where To Eat in Austin: Curated By a Taste of Koko
The Simple Sol – 10.28.2015

“Home to the best breakfast tacos and tacos in Austin. You can get their breakfast Tacos at Jo’s Coffee!  What to order: shrimp tacos with extra dona sauce”

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The Scoop: Tacodeli to Open at Sylvan Thirty
Dallas Magazine – 10.22.2015

“The fast-casual restaurant officially opens for business on Thursday, October 29. Expect 40-plus made-from-scratch tacos on tortillas from La Nortena Tortillas.”

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Austin’s Tacodeli Invades Sylvan Thirty on Oct 29
Dallas Eater – 10.22.2015

“Sylvan Thirty is shaping up to be an awfully good place to eat.  The next tenant to join the lineup at the development is the cultishly adored Austin export Tacodeli, with an opening date now set for Thursday, October 29.”

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Finally: Tacodeli Opens in Dallas in Late October, and it’s BYOB
Guide Live – 10.22.2015

“The Austin-born restaurant has spawned five locations in the Capitol City. The Dallas Tacodeli will be the first outside of Central Texas. “Dallas has a great taco culture, and we are excited to be part of it,” said founder Roberto Espinosa many months ago. And yes, “taco culture” is real.”

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I went to America’s best taco joint – and it absolutely lived up to the hype
Business Insider – 10.21.2015

“Tacodeli was rated No. 1 by Foursquare users on Business Insider’s list of the best tacos in America, but I still wasn’t prepared for its deliciousness. These tacos literally changed my opinions on food.”

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Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Award Winner – 2015

Our signature Doña Salsa came in 1st place in the green category and our traditional Roja placed 2nd in the red.  We felt very fortunate to be amongst all of the talented contestants at this years fest!

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22 Things to Eat & Drink This Fall in Austin
Zagat – 9.15.2015

“Now that we’re halfway into September, the sun has started to ease up a bit and the nights have been cooling to an enjoyable temperature. Get as much as possible out of our short-lived autumn season with these 22 must-try fall dishes.” Featuring Tacodeli’s September Special of the Moment: Chile En Nogada

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Austin’s 14 Most Important Restaurants
Thrillist – 9.9.2015

“Austin’s food game has always been pretty strong, but we’ve only recently been widely acknowledged as a full-blown culinary tour de force — and it’s mainly in part to trailblazers like the ones on his list. They may not be the oldest, or the biggest, or even necessarily the best spots in town, but they changed the game, and made the biggest impact. These are the restaurants that make Austin, Austin…”

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50 Best Tacos in America
Business Insider – 9.1.2015

“Many think Austin has the best taco joints in the country, and Business Insider agrees.  Austin’s Tacodeli came out on top of the publication’s list of 50 Best Tacos in America (ranked)…”

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Austin taco joints top Foursquare list of greatest tacos in America Austin 360 – 9.1.2015

“According to Foursquare’s rankings, which is based off of how much people love (read: save and favorite) taco joints on the city guide and places database website, four of America’s 50 greatest tacos are in Austin…”

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Tacodeli Joins Tailgate Guys
Texas Longhorns Athletics – 8.28.2015

“Full-service catering with local Austin flavor is offered through local restaurants. Fans have the option to order from Contingo, Hoover’s, Stubb’s Bar-B-Q and Tacodeli…”

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Tacos in Texas_ Tacodeli

A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Regional Tacos in Texas
First We Feast – 8.28.2015

“If there’s one person qualified enough to lead you to the promised land of tacos in Texas, it’s José R. Ralat. The seasoned blogger has been described as “an expert on the folklore of tacos” by the New York Times, a “great ambassador” by Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn…”

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The Most Anticipated New Dallas Restaurants, Fall 2015
Eater Dallas – 8.26.2015

“Summer can’t be over fast enough — and while we’ve probably got a while until the 100 degree temps are gone, at least there are plenty of hot new restaurant openings on the horizon.  Here’s where you’ll be eating this fall…”

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Eating Out With Kids
Austin Chronicle – 8.28.2015

“My kids love Tacodeli so much they will occasionally refrain from whining while eating. And when they do, it’s a miracle, a prayer, and a bigfoot sighting all in one. This generally lasts five to 10 minutes, enough time for me to eat one Delibelly and one Pollo en Mole…”

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The Best Lunch Spots in Austin
Thrillist – 8.20.2015

“Lunch: the middle child of meals. Neglected. Eaten at desks. Taking the form of sad tuna smashed between two slices of Wonder Bread. But it doesn’t have to be this way — at least, not if you head to one of the 25 lunch spots that’s guaranteed to be close to you, wherever you are in Austin. RIP, Chicken of the Sea…”

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The 10 Most Anticipated Fall Openings in Dallas
Zagat – 8.17.2015

“As summer winds down, it’s nice to have something to look forward to after the swimsuits have been packed away. From two new celebrity-chef restaurants to a complete restaurant makeover and a few new locations of all-time favorites, here are 10 top fall openings to keep on your radar…”

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